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Develop the building blocks that make up your parenting framework. 

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Courtney’s mission is to help you identify your core values to guide your parenting while at the same time learning effective parenting strategies. She will help you develop the building blocks that make up your framework for your family. Your framework for parental success is how you become the architect of your family. The goal is to build your skills to experience the joy of parenthood.


Together we will focus on parenting rooted in your core values. Once you have identified and voiced your core parenting values, it gives you something to "check yourself" as a parent. Asking yourself, are my actions in line with what I believe and want for my children? If not, how can I do this differently? When you build something, you have to be intentional. agree on your plan and the next steps while being flexible to adjust as issues come up.


Courtney is here to help you think about parenting with intention.

My Misison


Courtney Wilson is a parent educator, school counselor, coach, author, researcher, and a parent. She holds a Ph.D. in counseling and a background in early childhood and elementary education. She loves working with children and families and being a parent herself, she knows how challenging parenting can be and how essential it is to talk to others for help. Parents know their child better than anyone else and Courtney is there to help parents build on the skills they already have to strengthen their abilities to parent with intention.

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